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Testosterone therapy in Highland Park

The Truth About Testosterone Therapy in Highland Park

Uncategorized / March 13, 2023

When you think of testosterone therapy in Highland Park, you may think that it’s solely for men experiencing low T. While that is a popular theory in hormone therapy. There are so many more uses for testosterone in both men and women. That’s why Perlis Wellness uses testosterone to help both women and men feel their best.

Testosterone therapy for women

Women and men need testosterone. This means that testosterone can become imbalanced just as much in women as it can in men. For women, this imbalance can be seen in mood swings, lower confidence, and lower libido. Even more severe warning signs can include cognitive disorders, weakened muscles, and even osteoporosis.

To address these issues, we create a patient-specific hormone treatment. These treatments can include progesterone, estrogen, and thyroid hormones. But we’ve seen the most interesting lab results for women that add testosterone to their wellness plan. 

When we add testosterone to the equation, women report improvements across the board. The most common result that patients report is feeling more energetic and “on their game”. Perlis MedSpa and Wellness Center is able to confirm these results with our in-house lab tools like the Dexa scanner. We can track bone density and other important markers without having to outsource lab work. This not only allows our patients to see their progress but also helps to further research in the field of natural hormone therapy. 

Testosterone therapy for men

For men, talking about symptoms of low testosterone can be about as hard as asking for directions. That’s why Dr. Perlis makes sure that everyone (including their significant other) is supportive and courteous when talking about softer subjects.

Guys, if you’re off your game at work and at home, you’re bound not to look your best either. Even young men can experience imbalances that can sideline them in the office or the bedroom. To get you back on your game we can add testosterone to your wellness plan.

We craft your bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) to address all of your concerns. Our specialists design your custom hormone therapy in Highland Park to include thyroid hormones if necessary. The thyroid hormone is incredibly useful because it drives your natural processes. As we improve your hormone levels, this addition naturally promotes muscle mass, cognitive function, and many other aspects of your overall health.

Adding Complementary Treatments

While you feel the results of testosterone therapy in Highland Park, you can capitalize on those benefits by adding additional treatments to your plan at Perlis Wellness. Your plan can include one or all of our services to create the best results possible.

Talking about your total Wellness 

As we manage your hormone levels and thyroid, we can improve your results with additional treatments. These include supplements, detoxification, and building a weight loss plan. How we implement these additional treatments depends entirely on your specific concerns and goals.

Talking about your aesthetics

This is where the spa side of our med spa comes into play. Our specialists change people’s lives with natural hormone therapy, but they pride themselves on empowering our patient’s natural beauty. We do this by adding Botox or Dysport, laser hair removal, and even non-surgical facelifts to total wellness plans. We also have Keeley Allen APRN,FNP-C who is a leading expert in placing silhouette threads. 

Specialists for your Testosterone therapy in highland park

Simply put, we’re trusted because we’ve been there. Dr. Perlis has used testosterone therapy in her own wellness plan. Since increasing her testosterone levels, she’s even sharper at work, more active than ever, and continues to reduce the effects of osteoporosis! These aren’t closely guarded secrets either. When you go through any hormone treatment at Perlis, our expertise is just a call or text away.

So when you’re considering testosterone therapy in Highland Park or any other hormone treatment, talk with us. Get the conversation started by booking your consultation today.