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Even with daily exercise and strict diets, fat can build up in the most unsightly places. If you’re tired of sweating and starving, the answer might just be sculpting! 

With Physiq, Perlis Medspa and Wellness Center can help you build the body you’ve always dreamed of. In just a few sessions, Physiq targets hard-to-reach fat and takes muscle tone to a whole new level.

Using advanced technology to improve your body’s natural beauty, this completely noninvasive option is a painless way to improve many areas throughout your body. With the guidance of the most trusted doctor on the North Shore, we can sculpt your ideal body in just a few sessions.

Before you skip your next workout or cheat on that diet, discover if Physiq is right for you!

What Defines You?

While most sculpting technology either utilizes muscle stimulation or heat, PHYSIQ uses both to trigger maximum fat degeneration with minimal discomfort.

STEP programs use a one-two punch of electrical stimulation and heat to melt stubborn fat in traditionally hard-to-reach areas. We tailor every treatment using PHYSIQ in Highland Park to exceed every patient’s body goals in just a few quick sessions.

To determine the correct contouring for you, we’ll do a deep dive into your health, conditions, and goals in your consultation.


At a Glance.

Best Results

After 5 treatments

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Procedure Time

30 minutes

Medically Qualified

Medically qualified aesthetician

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We trust Physiq in Highland Park because of its cutting-edge STEP technology. This unique technique incorporates sequential thermal and electrical pulses in one effective sequence. 

The first part of this sequence utilizes deep tissue heating to break up the cellular structure of subcutaneous fat. By focusing heat from the super luminescent diode matrix (SDM) this treatment works to melt even the most stubborn fat.

In the second part of this sequence, painless electrical pulses rapidly contract and retract muscles. Using electrical muscle stimulation (EMS), Physiq works to retrain your muscles for improved definition.

Toning Muscle 

Similar to the electrical pulses sent by your nervous system during a workout, Physiq’s EMS rapidly contracts muscles thousands of times a minute. As they retract, your muscles will naturally stay more pronounced. Silicone gel pads and comfortable body bands keep every applicator in place throughout your session.

Melting Fat

Physiq works to melt your fat cells more efficiently than any workout can. By focusing the light energy from the SDM, your body transfers that energy into heat and breaks down fat cells. To keep things comfortable, Physiq includes a simultaneous contact cooling system that patients can control throughout their treatment.

All Gain, No Pain

The deep penetration of heat combined with sapphire cooling at the skin’s surface results in a sensation similar to a hot stone massage. As your treatment cycles between heat and EMS, STEP ensures the optimal temperature is reached and maintained throughout the treatment. Our specialists also check in periodically and make adjustments to ensure maximum comfort and results.



What It Treats

  • Cellulite
  • Stubbon Fat
  • Muscle Tone

Complementary Treatments

  • Laser Resurfacing
  • Wrinkle Relaxers
  • Weight Loss Program
  • Hormone Therapy

Works Best For...

  • Maximum Muscle Definition
  • Hard-to-Reach Fat
  • Supplementing Weight Loss

What can Physiq do?

Burn Fat

Excess fat is one of the most common concerns we see patients for every day. To effectively address this concern in the most stubborn areas, we recommend Physiq in Highland Park.

By using Physiq’s paddles to focus on intricate areas, we provide the most effective and customizable options for minimizing fat and maximizing muscle tone.

Tone Muscles

Working out is a great way to build muscle, but toning them is a totally different story. For anyone looking to improve the definition of their abs, arms, thighs, or buttocks, we typically recommend Physiq in Highland Park.

With less fat and more definition, this treatment shows off your gains without any pain.

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While we treat you to Physiq in Highland Park, we make sure your health is the best it can be. From hormone therapy and medical weight loss to skincare products and advanced aesthetic treatments, we educate and inspire our patients. That’s why we’re the North Shore’s one-stop shop for all things aesthetics & wellness.

As you consider Physiq in Highland Park, Dr. Perlis will talk about more than just your medical conditions. In your consultation, we’ll also discuss things like your lifestyle and goals. To address your concerns, our process combines expert insights and quality, comfortable care. This unique approach is the biggest reason why we’re a trusted partner in thousands of patients’ paths to ideal wellness and beauty.

Your Wellness

To build your optimal wellness plan, we offer a combination of natural hormone therapy, semaglutide or tirzepatide, and medical detoxification. To find the right combination for you, Perlis MedSpa and Wellness Center offers the most advanced tools available. 

To evaluate any brain and body imbalances, we trust CNS testing, our DEXA scanner, and Dr. Cheryl Perlis’ decades of experience. With our expertise in promoting optimal wellness, cosmetic procedures last longer and look better. We believe everyone is naturally beautiful; that’s why we only recommend the best treatments to bring inner beauty out!

Your Beauty

Alongside your wellness plan, we may recommend Physiq in Highland Park to further improve your results! Your ideal toned look is possible with the best holistic approach to your body and beauty. Dr. Perlis firmly believes that inner health is key to reaching your ideal sculpted body.

The only side effect of a toned look and improved wellness is improved mental health! It’s easier to love yourself when you love the skin you’re in. So build your wellness and aesthetics plan with just one conversation. 

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The Personal Perlis Touch

Perlis MedSpa and Wellness Center is proud to be the only practice in Highland Park that provides clinical insights from a medically qualified doctor. Dr. Cheryl Perlis provides decades of knowledge and experience to every patient’s unique plan.

Through years of study and practice, she continues to perfect our unique approach to total natural beauty. In every treatment plan, Dr. Perlis personally guides providers and patients to reach their full potential. This is how we get the best results with critical clinical insights.

From hormones to skincare products and medical spa treatments, we want to be your one-stop-shop for all things aesthetics & wellness on the North Shore.

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