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Sun Damaged Skin Treatment

Our Powerful Sun Damaged Skin Treatments on the North Shore!

Uncategorized / November 9, 2023

The sun is just as wonderful as it is harmful to the skin. After soaking up all those rays in the summer, it’s common to see some changes throughout the fall and winter. Now, don’t freak out just yet! Dr. Perlis and our entire team at Perlis MedSpa and Wellness Center have just what you need to maintain a healthy glow for all four seasons. Here are a few common concerns we treat with the most advanced sun-damaged skin treatments on the North Shore!

● Pigmentation Changes (Age Spots, Liver Spots, and Freckles)

One of the most common concerns our office addresses is hyperpigmentation. Age spots and freckles naturally occur over time, but UV rays from the sun can make breakouts much more severe. Everyone’s melanin contains a dark brown compound called eumelanin

This compound is more present in people with darker skin tones than in people with fair skin. As UV rays are absorbed by eumelanin, it can create a boom in cell production, leading to unsightly spots. 

● Uneven Skin Tone and Texture

Over time, it’s also common to see more wrinkles and uneven skin tone. But for every long lake day you take without sunscreen, you can add years to the look of your skin. The sun’s rays are also damaging to the texture and tone of your skin. This uneven tone and texture can easily be addressed with our sun damaged skin treatment on the North Shore!

● Rosacea and Blotchiness

Anyone can get rosacea, but on the North Shore, we commonly notice severe cases occurring in one key age group. Middle-aged men and women are at higher risk of developing severe conditions. Rosacea and blotchiness are common in people with fair skin, but even people with higher melanin levels can develop this condition.

Your IPL With Perlis Perlis MedSpa and Wellness Center

Intense pulsed light therapy, or IPL, is a highly useful, noninvasive method of alleviating all of these concerns by using the right rays for total rejuvenation. UV-B rays are most commonly absorbed by our skin and cause lasting damage to cells throughout the body. This damage is caused by many different types of light waves bombarding your body at the same time. 

With our IPL treatment, we use a device that utilizes a polychromatic light wavelength spectrum of approximately 400 to 1400 nm. These wavelengths target damage and destroy dead skin cells deep into the dermis. By alleviating your skin of unhealthy cells, your natural healing process will jumpstart collagen production to create a tighter, more uniform look. So how do we tackle this technical sun damaged skin treatment? It all starts with a chat.

The Chat

To start your journey to healthier, glowing skin year-round, we get to know each other first. Dr. Cheryl Perlis loves the lake too, but as she paddleboards every morning, she makes sure to take care of her skin before and after. We draw from personal experience and decades of professional study to recommend the right treatments for our patients and answer their questions. As we talk about your lifestyle and your beauty, we’ll also decode detailed vital information with our lab equipment.

Treatment Process

Once we determine that you could benefit from one of our sun damaged skin treatments, we’ll schedule your first session and give some pointers on prep to ensure the best results. On the day of your treatment, we’ll escort you to one of our comfortable treatment rooms and prepare you for your treatment. Each session takes less than an hour from start to finish and requires virtually no downtime.


Before you get back to your daily routine, we’ll recommend professional skincare products and schedule your next session. We typically recommend between 3 to 6 IPL treatments for each patient, scheduled at least 4 weeks apart. This allows for natural healing processes to work their best. It also gives us a great opportunity to plan how to take your natural beauty to the next level.

The Next Level

  • Cool Peel

CoolPeel™ is one of the most advanced ways we effortlessly provide effective CO2 resurfacing sun damaged skin treatments on the North Shore. This highly specialized technique combines the power of fractional lasers and CO2 cooling technology. While the lasers resurface the superficial layer of skin tissue, we remove damaged skin with an icy cool blast to avoid pain from the lasers.

  • RF Microneedling

RF microneedling is a minimally invasive technique that improves the contour and tightness of the skin by creating “micro-wounds” across and into the surface. This process is even further improved by the addition of radiofrequencies that break up cells at the microscopic level. As your body makes room for healthy growth, we create fresh, glowing skin that’s ready for any season.

Rejuvenated Looks Year-Round!

Ready for your rejuvenation? We’re ready to help! Call us, text us! No matter how you contact us, trust your beauty to the experts for sun damaged skin treatments on the North Shore. Start the conversation by scheduling your consultation

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