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Semaglutide in Highland Park

How Does Semaglutide in Highland Park Help You Lose Weight?

Weight Loss / January 5, 2023

Though originally a diabetes medication, doctors and scientists have discovered that semaglutide is equally effective as a weight loss supplement. In fact, semaglutide received FDA approval as a weight loss supplement back in 2021—as testament to both its efficacy and safety. 

Perlis MedSpa & Wellness Center offers semaglutide injections to patients across the North Shore to help boost their weight loss results. But how exactly does semaglutide in Highland Park work, and what should you know before beginning treatment? Read on to find out!

What is Semaglutide?

Semaglutide has been around for several years under various names. It was originally developed as a treatment for patients with Type 2 Diabetes and is still primarily used for this purpose. What makes semaglutide effective in this area is its ability to help individuals whose bodies cannot use insulin normally—specifically by controlling the body’s blood sugar levels.

In scientific terms, Semaglutide is known as a “Glucagon-like Peptide-1 Receptor Agonist,”. To put in layman’s terms, that means it mimics the action of the same existing peptide that naturally occurs within your body. If this peptide works properly, it assists your body in its natural production of insulin by increasing both secretion and blood sugar disposal.

When working properly, this peptide specifically helps with your body’s natural insulin production by improving the body’s ability to increase insulin secretion. At the same time, it also helps increase blood sugar disposal and improve glycemic control. 

Semaglutide for Weight Loss 

What makes semaglutide in Highland Park highly effective as a weight loss treatment in Highland Park is its ability to increase the body’s insulin secretion. 

When your body produces more insulin, it helps you to feel more full during meals and greatly reduces the likelihood of overeating. At the same time, your body also decreases its gastric emptying, which significantly slows the rate in which your body digests food. 

We often tell our patients that when using semaglutide, you can expect finishing meals to become much more difficult. We usually recommend eating in much smaller portions to avoid letting anything go to waste!

If patients are a good candidate for semaglutide at Perlis MedSpa & Wellness Center, they can expect to take the solution via subcutaneous injection following an initial consultation with their provider. Semaglutide is not a stimulant, and it’s also not a metabolism booster. This means that you should feel more satisfied with smaller meals, and that you won’t have to worry about side effects like jitteriness or increased heart rate. 

Interested in Semaglutide in Highland Park? Reach Out to Us Today!

Perlis MedSpa & Wellness Center is the premier medspa experience in all of the North Shore. From our office in Highland Park, we’ve helped hundreds of patients improve both the way they look and the way they feel.

Our highly trained, experienced team of professionals ensures that every patient receives the care and support they deserve. If you’ve struggled to lose weight or keep your appetite in check, we can help determine if semaglutide injections are right for you.

If you’re ready to push past a plateau or kick your weight loss into high gear, reach out to us today! Use our virtual consultation tool or schedule an in-person appointment and see the difference our team can make.