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Juvederm in Highland Park

An Extra Shot of Beauty – Our Guide to Fillers

Aesthetic Treatments / June 5, 2023

As you laugh, cry, scowl, and live, your face is in motion every moment. It’s a part of life, but unfortunately, this means over time you may see a few more lines and wrinkles than you’d like. That’s why Perlis MedSpa and Wellness Center is dedicated to improving lives by helping you look and feel your best with Juvederm in Highland Park and other filler options!

Your face is also completely unique to you. So your treatment plan should be tailored to your exact needs. This is the biggest reason we love using fillers including Juvederm in Highland Park. The flexible injections give us some of the most effective results possible, and we can customize treatments to each patient’s unique needs.

Let’s dive into the world of dermal fillers like Juvederm in Highland Park, and how our expert staff uses them to create incredible results!

What is Juvederm?

Every treatment at Perlis MedSpa and Wellness Center starts with a conversation. In your consultation, we’ll determine how much volume you have and where you can benefit the most from fillers. As we consider fillers, Juvederm is one of our most trusted brands. Your concerns determine the specific type of Juvederm we use. Here’s how our patients see results from these injections.


This treatment is used to shape and tone your jawline. To contour your jawline, we’ll inject Volux into precisely plotted areas of your chin and jaw. The particular formula used in this option allows for the most natural look and feel. Like other hyaluronic acid fillers, you’ll start to feel results almost immediately, but it will take some time to see the full benefits.

Voluma XC

For hollow cheeks and dimpled chins, we use Voluma XC. This hyaluronic gel allows for more taught skin in areas that need it most. This is one of our favorite uses for Juvederm in Highland Park because it allows us the flexibility needed to address very specific areas of your face. No one likes a pointy chin or unnatural-looking cheeks. So we plan out your injections weeks at a time in order to adjust the injections to your exact needs.


Juvederm Ultra is one of the best line erasers currently on the market. Its formula allows for the versatility and customization needed to address any lines. From crows feet to smile lines, this option for Juvederm in Highland Park is one of our favorites for people of all ages.

Other effective filler options

While those are the most popular collection of HA fillers in the US, we offer other great filler options that work differently than Juvederm in Highland Park. Oftentimes, we find that Sculptra, or Bellafill can address specific concerns even better. So let’s dig into the differences and the benefits of Sculptra and Bellafill.


We typically use Sculptra for our younger patients. Yes, people in their 20s have lines too! Sculptra works very similarly to Juvederm with a few key differences. Sculptra combines hyaluronic acid with poly-L-lactic acid to promote natural collagen production. So while it adds the same volume as Juvederm in Highland Park, you’re also promoting your own natural collagen!


For even more long-term benefits, we turn to Bellafill. Bellafill combines hyaluronic acid paired with polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) microspheres, essentially creating scaffolding in the targeted areas to promote and sustain natural collagen production for a long time. How long? How does 5 years sound? We understand that a lot can change in five years, so we’re here to listen if you’d like to talk about other options after your initial treatment.


For the most natural option available, we talk about PRP. PRP is short for platelet-rich plasma. This is the same technique we trust for hair restoration as well. After taking a sample of your blood, we’ll separate out the PRP cells and inject them into target areas. 

While we have to use specific types of Juvederm in Highland Park for specific areas, this treatment can be used almost anywhere on your face. That’s because PRP injections use your own cells to promote collagen production!

With so many options at Perlis, every patient that trusts us is able to fine-tune their treatment plan. While we’d like to take all the credit, we just can’t. Juvederm in Highland Park is a great addition for anyone wanting to replace volume but doesn’t want to be tied down to one treatment for a long period of time. This is why our Juvederm treatments are one of the worst-kept secrets when it comes to aesthetics in Highland Park.

The secret to our success with Juvederm.

We love Juvederm because your fillers will look so natural, no one will ever tell you had work done. However, our specialists have a knack for giving results worth bragging about. Here are the biggest things that get people talking about Juvederm in Highland Park!

Flexible treatments

There is a Juvederm injection for nearly every part of your face. With so many possibilities, you can maintain and improve your natural beauty with Juvederm injections alone. But you don’t have to! Your plan at Perlis can include a variety of injections and other treatments to give you exactly what your natural beauty needs.

Lasting Results

The biggest reason our patients love Juvederm in Highland Park is because of the results they see for months. We strategically plan out each injection based on your needs. This makes sure that you can maintain your natural look, and it allows us to adjust any future injections to further improve your results. To understand how and why our specialists love Juvederm, we take a scientific approach.

The Science Behind Juvederm in Highland Park

The core ingredient in every Juvederm injection is hyaluronic acid. Maybe you’ve seen it advertised in high-end skin products, but Juvederm takes it to a whole new level. We use Juvederm in Highland Park because it adds the same natural substance already in your skin. HA naturally occurs in the skin to maintain collagen production and overall skin health. 

Each product in the Juvederm collection of fillers is made from a modified form of HA. The minds from Juvederm modify the cellular makeup of that hyaluronic acid and change up the fluid composition used to administer each form of Juvederm to specifically target each area on the face accordingly. 

Since every part of your face requires different degrees of elasticity, structure, and dimension, finding the right specialist is just as important as the science behind these injections. 

Our Trusted Specialist

Keeley Allen MSN, APRN, FNP-C is one of the most trusted experts in the country when it comes to injections. She brings over 15 years of personal and professional experience to Perlis MedSpa and Wellness Center. In addition to changing lives in our office, she travels the country as a certified clinical trainer for Suneva (the maker of Bellafill and Instalift). Keeley believes so wholeheartedly in the benefits of these treatments that she trusts them in her own treatment plan as well. 

Why do you use these injections?

I use Bellafill to improve the volume of my lower face, and Sculptra to maintain a smooth surface. My weight loss journey led to a little less volume than I had before. So I opted for the same treatments I’ve been recommending to patients and providers for years.

How do you recommend fillers to patients?

I’m happy to recommend them because of the difference they’ve made in my own look. But I focus on what is best for the patient. When I recommend using Juvederm in Highland Park, I’m taking their individual needs into consideration. I know how important it is to maintain a natural look, so I would rather recommend going in stages over injecting everything all at once.

The Perlis Process

Even Keeley trusted other specialists when building her treatment plan. So when you talk to her about your concerns, we collaborate to make sure we build the best treatment plan possible. Here’s what to expect when you’re using Juvederm in Highland Park.


We never jump straight into a treatment at Perlis Wellness. While these fillers are simple procedures, they take careful consideration and thorough conversations to get the best results. In your consultation, we’ll talk about your lifestyle, and how you feel, and take a deep dive into your facial health. It’s common to talk about treatment options other than Juvederm as well. So after an in-depth conversation, we’ll schedule a day for your injections.

The Day of Your Injections

On the day of your Juvederm in Highland Park, we’ll check you in and escort you back to a comfortable treatment room. We’ll go over your facial scans, answer any questions and take plenty of before pictures. After we apply topical numbing cream and plot your injection sites, it’s time for your injections. The injections themselves only take a few seconds each, so you don’t have to worry about taking off work. But if you take a long lunch, we won’t tell!

Results/Follow Ups

Some patients claim to see results the same day. However, results usually start to take shape a few days after the injections. Before you leave, we’ll schedule your next treatment, and give you some pointers for post-treatment care and follow ups. The entire treatment takes less than an hour and we typically schedule treatments about six weeks apart.

Get Started!

If you’re ready for an extra shot of natural beauty, it’s time to plan your treatment! Schedule a consultation. Or use our virtual consultation tool to see what could be from the comfort of your couch! We’re excited to see what Juvederm in Highland Park can do for you!