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Like what you see?

If that question is hard to answer when you look in the mirror, don’t worry. We’ve all been there.

Our providers bring you the highest standard of aesthetic treatments and personalized care tailored for you to look and feel your best. Our patient-first approach uses our decades of combined experience, traditional and natural recommendations, and the latest in cosmetic procedures to help you love the way you look.

The providers at Perlis Medspa and Wellness Center are excited to help you look as good as you’ll feel.

Making beauty great again

If you feel past your prime, why not do something about that?

Our professionals provide the care patients deserve to give their beauty and body a second act!

A portrait of Dr. Perlis. Founder or Perlis MedSpa and Wellness Center in Highland Park.

Call me Cheryl

Cheryl Perlis M.D. is proud to provide patients the level of care and courtesy that has made us a well-known name across the North Shore. Part of our personal care is starting on a first-name basis.

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We learn and grow with you.

“I am not the same doctor I was 20 years ago—and I am proud of that. Over time, I have learned to be a better listener and have developed a deep understanding about how our bodies function, the mind-body connection, and how external factors impact our healing process.”

Cheryl Perlis M.D.

How it works

It may be hard to discuss some of your concerns. But the providers at Perlis Medspa and Wellness Center make it easy to understand your options. Learn about our in-depth consultation process.

The Consultation Process

The Perks of Perlis

Every provider has their perks, but ours go beyond the perfect look.

Our patients choose our practice because of the personal touches we add to each of our effective treatments. By blending personalized care and industry-leading technology, we can get to the root of any concern when it comes to how you look and feel.

With the latest treatments and decades of experience in our skilled hands, Perlis Medspa and Wellness Center are proud to guide every patient to their ideal self. Our deep knowledge of holistic, functional, and weight-loss medicine and training with advanced aesthetic techniques like injections, lifts, and lasers lets our results regularly exceed goals and expectations.

Just a call away

Perlis MedSpa and Wellness Center is proud to be a premier medical spa near Glencoe.

To get started on your wellness and aesthetics journey, give us a call or text. Get in touch to schedule your consultation!

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