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Unique North Shore Beauty

Your body and beauty are totally yours. So you need a treatment plan that’s just as unique.

Located just next door on the North Shore, our experts at Perlis MedSpa and Wellness Center devote their lives to building unique plans while offering the highest quality care. Our unique philosophy goes deep into our patient’s health and beauty for maximum, long-lasting results.

We believe that how you feel on the inside is reflected by how you look outside.

When Beauty Meets Brains

From the ER to the corner office, our providers have seen it all.

That’s why we’re proud to be a trusted medical spa near Barrington.

A portrait of Dr. Perlis. Founder or Perlis MedSpa and Wellness Center in Highland Park.

Uniquely Cheryl Perlis M.D.

Between morning paddleboard sessions and turning in for the night, she’s one of the North Shore’s hottest providers for holistic, quality care. Her decades of experience are yours to learn from.

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Feeling Better Every Day

“I am not the same doctor I was 20 years ago—and I am proud of that. Over time, I have learned to be a better listener and have developed a deep understanding of how our bodies function, the mind-body connection, and how external factors impact our healing process.”

Cheryl Perlis M.D.

How it works

Your consultation will take a deep dive into your overall health and give us insight into your aesthetic goals. By factoring in both wellness and beauty we build an all-encompassing plan to address the root of your concerns.

The Consultation Process

The Talk Starts With…

How do you feel today? That may seem like something you’ve said to co-workers just to be nice, but how often do you ask yourself that question?

If it’s been some time since you checked in, we’re happy to help. It’s perfectly normal to feel like you’re balancing the weight of the world, that’s why we get to know you as a friend and a patient.

We’ll address every concern after we get to know the true beauty inside you. Our talks reveal solutions to the many concerns our patients accepted as facts of life. Get talking by scheduling your in-person consultation.

A woman enjoys her day with friends.

All Natural

All beautiful

all You

Our Med Spa near Barrington is ready to empower your natural beauty!

See why Perlis Medspa and Wellness Center is trusted by patients on the North Shore and beyond! Start your journey with an expert provider in your consultation.

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