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Body Sculpting in Highland Park

The Science Behind Our Body Sculpting in Highland Park

Aesthetic Treatments / February 6, 2024

At Perlis MedSpa and Wellness Center, we offer many advanced techniques for better beauty. Throughout every treatment plan, we prioritize education just as much as results. That’s why we’re sharing the science behind the best body sculpting in Highland Park! Learn about this revolutionary technology from the only Dr. devoted to building better beauty on the North Shore.

Sculpting Your Physiq

The technology we trust to help our patients reach their body goals is Physiq! This completely non-invasive technique uses powerful heat and electrical energies in sequence to melt fat and tone muscle. In just a few easy sessions, you’ll see a difference in your abs, arms, booty, and more. So how does body sculpting in Highland Park work for you? Let’s dig into the science to find out!

How Our Sculpting Works

Using your body’s natural processes, Physiq is essentially a scientifically supercharged workout without the sweat! Your trainer may disagree with us, but at Perlis MedSpa and Wellness Center, no pain is exactly how we like to get gains! 


That’s why we trust Physiq to combine the power of heat and electrical energy and target areas trainers can’t. In your session, we can use all four applicators together or separately to target stubborn fat and improve fine muscle tone.

2 STEP Sculpting

The technology that powers Physiq is clinically referred to as STEP, or Sequential Thermal & Electrical Pulses. This unique technology is exclusive to Physiq, making it one of the most sought-after options for body sculpting in Highland Park. 

By combining the power of electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) and heat from the super luminescent diode matrix (SDM), Physiq works to melt fat and tone muscle in one painless, effective treatment. Here’s how each step works for you! 

Step 1: Heating Fat

As you run, lift, and stretch, your body gets hot. That’s how you naturally burn calories and melt fat. The first step of Physiq works to heat your fat cells more efficiently than any workout can. By focusing the light energy from the SDM, your body will naturally transfer that energy into heat and break down fat cells.

If that sounds too hot for you to handle, don’t worry; Physiq incorporates consistent contact sapphire cooling to ensure you never feel the burn. At any point throughout your treatment, you can control the cooling to ensure total comfort. The powerful heat energy Physiq uses effectively disrupts targeted fat cells without damaging your skin. With less dense fat, your muscle will come to the surface more clearly. 

Step 2: Retraining Muscle 

The next step of our body sculpting in Highland Park works to tone up your natural muscle structure. Unlike an intense workout that focuses on building muscle, Physiq uses EMS to improve the natural state of your muscles as they are. With specialized electrical pulses, your muscles will contract and retract just like they do in a low-intensity toning workout. 

By mimicking the electrical pulses sent by your nervous system, the electrical energy from Physiq rapidly contracts your muscles thousands of times a minute. As they retract, your muscles will naturally rest in a more pronounced state. With less fat and more defined muscle tone after each session, you can enjoy a sculpted look in a matter of minutes, not months! 

Combining Beauty and Wellness

Dr. Cheryl Perlis has devoted her life to studying and practicing with the most advanced wellness and aesthetics treatments in the world. To ensure you get the best treatment possible, she oversees our aesthetician as she guides you through your body sculpting in Highland Park. 


Dr. Perlis believes that true natural beauty is possible with holistic wellness practices alongside advanced aesthetics. With your unique natural beauty in mind, we’ll build your comprehensive plan with the right additions for maximum results. 

Find Your Physiq!

To build your ideal treatment plan, it just takes one easy conversation. Learn from Dr. Perlis, and work with some of the most trusted experts on the North Shore in just a couple clicks. Use our virtual consultation tool to discover all of our treatments, or schedule your consultation to sculpt your ideal physique!

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