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Keeley Allen MSN, APRN, FNP-C

My Journey with Biostimulator Injections in Highland Park

Aesthetic Treatments / August 29, 2023

Hi, I’m Keeley! If you’ve had any Instalift, neuromodulator, or biostimulator injections in Highland Park in the last year, there’s a good chance I performed them (or at least trained the injector who did. 

I’m the proud mother of a beautiful girl, I’m a former ER trauma nurse, and I recently lost over 100 pounds! All of these may seem like an icebreaker at an aesthetics conference, but allow me to explain why they all come together in my health and beauty journey.

My Work

My experience at Perlis Medspa and Wellness Center is one of the most influential in my health and wellness journey as a patient and a provider. So Cheryl finally convinced me to tell the world about it! 

I am a caregiver by heart and an injection specialist by trade. That’s the greatest thing I’ve been able to express to my patients at Perlis! My journey with Perlis Medspa started when I visited Dr. Cheryl Perlis to train her on Instalift.

Experiencing The Perlis Process

Our Biostimulator injection in Highland Park procedure.


Cheryl and I were talking while taking a break in between sessions. If you’ve ever chatted with  Cheryl, you know how insightful it can be. As we talked about life, I told her how I was feeling sluggish, and a bit fried between going to school for my Master’s degree, flying around the country to educate offices, injected in the office, and being a mom to my small child. Cheryl urged me to have my hormones tested and start a weight loss program. 

I had my labs drawn and started weight loss with Dr Cheryl, I was steadily losing weight, but I hadn’t reached my goals yet. By Dr. Perlis’ recommendation, we added BHRT to my treatment plan, and the weight started melting off! At one point I was losing a pound a day. 

My World

I should probably explain why I love to look beautiful and help others feel the same. My daughter is the most beautiful girl because she always helps me feel my best, even on my longest days. I draw from her love and the natural caregiving instincts that led me to become an ER nurse.

Even as a young girl, I’ve been fascinated by the beauty of others. Somewhere along the way, that led to me becoming fascinated with the human body and working in the medical field. After achieving my BSN from Chamberlain University, I became a registered nurse (RN) and began my career helping high-risk patients back to health as an ER nurse. While on that path I was introduced to a Doctor looking for a nurse to train in aesthetic injections. This is where I first discovered Botox.

I became fascinated with its properties, and I wanted to learn more while going back to school to become an APRN and began my career in the aesthetics industry. I worked 7 days a week injecting, studying, and training other offices while, most importantly, raising my beautiful daughter. I’m not Wonder Woman, mind you, so this took a toll on more than just my shoe budget. 

My Treatment Plan.

As I began to know and work with Cheryl, she showed me a totally different approach to my wellness than I had ever taken. As I talked to Dr. Perlis, I realized the best thing I could do was to take care of myself for a change. Through my weight loss plan and BHRT therapy, I lost 112 pounds, but my dramatic results also had an effect on my facial volume and skin. 

Taking stock of biomarkers before recommending biostimulator injections in Highland Park.


Botox has been a part of my life and face maintenance for years but with all the volume loss in my face, I needed to add something more. This is when I added biostimulator injections in Highland Park to my treatment plan.

These injections helped me just as much as the BHRT we added to my weight loss plan! By injecting Sculptra and Bellafill, my skin is smoother, more toned, has improved texture and it feels totally natural!

What are Biostimulators?

Now before we get too far into my experience with biostimulator injections in Highland Park, let’s go over biostimulators. The injections we use promote natural collagen growth to increase volume and create a tighter, more youthful look. Here’s a little about my favorite options.

Sculptra is an injection that naturally creates a framework that allows the body to naturally produce collagen. It works all over the face and even helps to tighten pores and improve texture. 

My other favorite biostimulator in Highland Park is Bellafill. It uses a collagen-rich gel to deliver polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) microspheres immediately reducing the look of fine lines and acne scars for 5 years. Bellafill injections These are more permanent than Sculptra and are my choice for those who want to see an immediate difference. 

Biostimulator injections have become a very important part of my own beauty plan. I continue to trust them to retain my natural beauty and the beauty of my patients.

My Results

Just as your facial structure is different than mine, every treatment plan is unique. I use Bellafill around my cheeks and temples to give a fuller appearance with a very natural look. I then use Sculptra to keep the lower areas looking smooth and natural with softer, yet more pronounced facial tones.

Sculptra uses the same compound found in our Instalift threads. PLLA is one of my favorite four-letter words. I trust the collagen-promoting power of Poly-L-Lactic acid to jumpstart collagen in my patients’ plans and my own facial health. With a completely unique formula, it doesn’t come with any of the side effects of other injections in finer areas of the face.

Bellafill works to naturally stimulate collagen growth by building a scaffolding for your face to naturally regrow cells. We use this biostimulator in Highland Park for anyone experiencing volume loss or acne scars. I use it in my lower cheeks and temples to restore the natural volume I had lost along with the weight.

Some Personal And Professional Advice

My advice as a professional is to trust the process. That goes for your life as well. As I continue to travel the country, I get to see people of all walks of life loving the way they look. Getting results for my patients keeps me going on a long day. But my passion for these treatments goes to a personal level as well.

Consultation about biostimulator injections in Highland Park.


My advice as a mother is to remember who’s watching you. While you’re trying to balance the world on your shoulders, I’ll be proud to help you take some time for yourself. My daughter continues to be my greatest inspiration, and if your child does the same for you, I’m sure they’d want you to look and feel your best every day. 

Get the Conversation Started

The treatment I’ve had with Perlis Medspa and Wellness Center is what I hope every patient gets to experience. If you want to get real about your wellness and your aesthetics, you’re looking at the best people to learn from.

Cheryl and I are both professionals, providers, and people. So we get real in all of our consultations. Let us jumpstart your wellness and aesthetics by scheduling your consultation, or using our virtual consultation tool. I’m excited to be a part of your wellness journey!