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Lasting Results For Everyone

Bellafill Injections In Highland Park

Aesthetic Treatments / August 29, 2023

Gaunt, sagging looks are not the most glamorous thing that comes with age. But in a world of options to give your face the volume it needs, it can be hard to find what works. That’s why the North Shore trusts Perlis Medspa and Wellness Center for Bellafill injections in Highland Park. Our providers have even trusted these biostimulators in their own plan. So let’s dig into what Bellafill is and why we love it.

The beauty behind Bellafill

Bellafill works to repair soft tissue by promoting collagen reproduction. Collagen is the tissue that provides volume and structure to your features. We use Bellafill all over the face to add firmer definitions while maintaining your natural look. This biostimulator starts working immediately, which allows us to shape the results as they develop over time.

The brains behind Bellafill


Suneva is the company with the brains behind Bellafill. They’re also the company that our own Keeley Allen MSN, APRN, FNP-C works with to train other providers on Bellafill injections. The unique science of the PMMA works within a bovine collagen gel to build scaffolding and promote natural collagen production. Within a few months, our Bellafill injections in Highland Park take their finished form with semi-permanent results.

The Benefits of Bellafill

For more definition without having to worry about looking puffy, or continual injections, there’s no better option. Bellafill injections in Highland Park are also a popular option for men as well!

For Men

For the 4 million men treated with a dermal filler in the US, hyaluronic acid fillers can often dissolve within a few months. Bellafill, on the other hand, creates a lasting improvement in the skin. By specifically targeting collagen type I and type III, our Bellafill injections in Highland Park help the unique structure of men’s skin. This collagen forms a foundation that we use to add volume to wrinkles, reducing their appearance.

For Women

Ladies, your skin may look flawless with a fresh face on. Bellafill can help you put your best face forward each and every day! Instead of covering up acne scars, Bellafill injections in Highland Park can actually reduce the appearance of acne scars by building a cellular scaffolding to promote the healthy collagen production that scar tissue needs.

 In the initial study of Bellafill, 87% of the study group stayed on to continue improving and maintaining their results, an unprecedented number for studies of this kind. 

See What Could Be

Whether you’re just starting to think about your wellness and aesthetics journey, or you’re looking for your new fav treatment, we’d love to talk to you about Bellafill injections in Highland Park! Just call or text to contact us directly. Or get started on your way to lasting results with a virtual or in-person consultation!