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Fractional CO2 Laser

Your guide to Fractional CO2 Lasers in Highland Park.

Aesthetic Treatments / May 5, 2023

Perlis MedSpa and Wellness Center specializes in the four Rs of non invasive facial treatments. These are Replacing volume. Relaxing muscles, Repositioning fat and  Resurfacing skin. The four Rs are the building blocks we use in every patient’s facial treatment plan. So we’d like to share how we resurface your skin with our fractional CO2 Laser in Highland Park.

What Is It?

It’s important to note that this is very different from typical laser treatments of the past. Laser resurfacing dates back to the 1960s. But CO2 Lasers are a relatively recent treatment option. Our fractional CO2 laser in Highland Park is the most state of the art option available for comfortable treatments and quality results.

Our fractional CO2 laser in Highland Park uses high intensity beams to remove damaged skin. By creating microscopic holes, we stimulate collagen production and promote skin rejuvenation. The laser energy is delivered in a grid like pattern leaving small areas of untreated skin between the treated areas. This approach is designed to minimize damage to the skin and maximize natural healing.

Staying Cool

Those fractional lasers generate a lot of heat. So to keep you cool and comfortable during the treatment, our Tetra Cool Peel laser utilizes concentrated carbon dioxide. This cools the treatment area as the fractional lasers rejuvenate your skin.

Who is it for?

There are no age restrictions on beauty. But we commonly recommend this treatment to men and women starting in their mid 30s. By this time, people generally experience volume loss, fine lines and wrinkles. Or they may have deeper issues such as skin damage or scarring. 

We commonly recommend our fractional CO2 laser in Highland Park for those wanting a non invasive procedure with minimal pain involved. We rarely have to use topical anesthetics, and the actual procedure typically takes only 15 to 45 minutes. Making this a perfect treatment for a lunch time refresher.

Before, During and After Treatment

Before a single beam hits your face, we start with a conversation. In your consultation, we’ll go over your options and talk all about you. Of course we want to know about your medical history, and goals. However, our approach focuses on your total health and wellness. So after we get to know you and determine a fractional CO2 Laser in Highland Park is the best option, we schedule your appointment.


We start by prepping the treatment area with a deep cleanse. After the precleanse, we can apply a topical anesthetic. This isn’t always necessary, but it insures the least amount of pain possible.

As our fractional CO2 laser in Highland Park works its magic, we periodically check in to ensure your comfort. You may feel some heat around the treatment area after the laser treatment, but that’s about it. Because of the addition of CO2, this is one of the most painless skin resurfacing treatments available.


Following your treatment, you can get right back to business! But before you go, we’ll schedule any follow-ups and give you some pointers on maintaining your results. During recovery, it’s important to minimize sun exposure and use gentle skin products to promote healing. We’ll also talk about scheduling any additional treatments you’d like to include in your plan.

Alternatives and Add Ons

While a fractional CO2 Laser in Highland Park is the gold standard for resurfacing, you can also pair it with almost any other treatment option. Our most common pairing is Virtue RF microneedling, the only microneedling treatment that uses radiofrequencies to further improve skin tightening.

Because of our unique approach and your unique goals, we tailor your treatment plan to encompass every treatment to meet your goals. So while we resurface your skin, we can also go deeper to reduce sweating, address hormone imbalances, and tackle anything standing in the way of your best natural beauty.

Our mission for your total wellness

Highland Park trusts Perlis MedSpa and Wellness Center for skin rejuvenation and a whole lot more. Schedule your consultation to bring out your natural beauty. Or use our virtual consultation tool to envision your results from the comfort of your couch!